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(UN) Civil Awards

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Show: Off The Cuff

Topic: (UN) Civil Awards

Hosts: Adnan Maqbool and Afia Salam

Description: As soon as 23rd. March dawns, one usually races to grab the newspaper to pore over the list of names of the recipients of the highest civil awards of Pakistan. It makes one proud to know we have so many inspirational leaders among us. However, when some dubious, questionable, and downright undeserving names creep in, these awards are devalued.

There are always a couple of names with debatable credentials, but this time so many names have been included that have made a mockery out of the highest civilian awards of Pakistan.

Who gives these awards? Shouldn’t we know about the jury and the criteria? What do you think?

Language: Urdu


Written by afiasalam

March 27, 2012 at 11:11 pm

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