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Managing the Mangroves

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Topic: Managing the Mangroves

Guest: Jamshyd Masood

Description: People living along the coast have a special affinity with nature. Nature has provided them an extra defence mechanism in the shape of the Mangrove forests that stand as guardians against natural calamities like hurricanes and Tsunamis, and act as life givers by providing marine life breeding grounds. They are also natural carbon sinks as they absorb pollution.

Take a look at how important the mangroves are for the coastal ecosystem. Let renowned environmental photographer, Jamshyd Masood take you on a trip to let you listen to the “Echo of the Tides,” a photographic exhibition.

Those of you who live by the sea, have you been to the mangroves? Do you know why they are so important?

Language: Urdu


Written by afiasalam

July 30, 2012 at 11:45 am

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