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Afia Salam

Education: Masters in Geography from the University of Karachi.

Professional capacity: Journalist-Copy Writer-Editor (in Urdu and English) Media development specialist in Climate Change, Environment, Gender sensitive reporting and media ethics

Languages: Urdu-English

Traveled to: UK, France, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, Kenya, Poland, India


I have been associated with the media in many capacities. Started as Pakistan’s first female cricket writer way back in 1978. Worked at The Star, eveninger of the Dawn group of Newspapers. Went on to edit an Aviation and Defence magazine (Wings) , and was editor of The Cricketer magazine in the 80’s and 90’s, and an Energy publication in 2001 (Energy Update).

Moved to an allied media field of advertising, and worked almost 15 years as creative head and Director Special Projects of three different advertising agencies, Blazon, Argus, and Blitz-DDB.

I was part of the Dawnnews launch team… when it was launched as an English channel… as a senior copy editor, and was also head of its Culture Desk and Content in charge of its flagship morning show titled Daily Breakfast@Dawn.

After about 3 years I joined IUCN-Pakistan (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as head of its Communications Unit, and also briefly headed their Business and BioDiversity Portfolio which required engagement with the corporate sector to promote sustainable practices.

After leaving IUCN, during 2010 floods and 2011 Badin cloudburst, was involved with relief and rehabilitation in Sujawal/Badin as Sindh coordinator of the newly formed Imran Khan Foundation.

After that I became part of a web tv that was running in tandem with a blog, Speak for Change that was taken as a social media multiplier.

I have been involved in media development through training of journalists in reporting on environment, climate change. Gender, labor, digital security, election reporting, and media ethics, and am also the author of a commissioned research on Media Ethics for Pakistan Press Foundation/Internews.

These trainings were held across Pakistan on behalf of organizations such as Pakistan Press Foundation-UNESCO, Intermedia-ILO, IRADA, Civic Action Resource, Intermedia-Democracy Reporting International, IUCN Pakistan-Oxfam-GB, LEAD PakistanHBS, LEAD-WWF, Green Media InitiativesPakistan Water Partnership.

I am a Fellow LEAD Pakistan (Cohort 16) under its Leadership Development Programme on the subject of Green Economies, and also a GRID graduate. I am also a member of IUCN Commission on Education and Communications, and WWF. I am also an advisor for National Forum for Environment & Health, and Bolo Bhi, a digital rights research policy and advocacy organization.

I do a lot of advocacy and activism on these issues as well, like moderating seminars and delivering talks on these topics, other than freelance writing for Dawn, Tribune and Newsline, Aurora, The News on Sunday and Pique magazine.

My last assignment, which I completed in April 2015, was for Google Cultural Institute in which I was appointed as the Project Manager whose task included identifying partners, signing them up, getting hi-res. photography of their art and artefacts done, and getting digital exhibits prepared according to the GCI template.

The exhibits of partners such as Mohatta Palace, Makli, a UNESCO heritage site, Baltit Fort, Lahore Museum, Faqir Khana Museum in Bhati Gate, Wazir Khan Mosque and Walled City trail leading from Delhi Gate to Lahore fort and all the monuments were launched in August 20, 2015.

I maintain a blog, but it is more in nature of an archive of my writings, and is still a work in progress. It can be viewed on

 My older work can be seen in the link to portfolio on

I am a Trustee of Indus Earth Trust, a rural development organization, Helpline Trust, which focuses on consumer and civic rights, and Saneeya Hussain Trust that assists girls’ education.



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September 6, 2010 at 2:49 pm

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